If you have finished an invoice and are trying to send it, but the send button remains grey and inactive, the answer to this problem is simple. It just means you need to double-check all the fields you have filled in, because one of the fields either:

  • Isn’t filled in at all, eg. the ‘description’ field. Please note: If you don’t have any need to this field in, you can just tap the spacebar and it will count as a character, or as if something valid has been entered in the field.*


  • One of the pieces of information is incorrect or deemed invalid by the app, such as the recipient email. For instance, sometimes an additional, accidental space has been typed either before or after the email address.

*Also note: If you’re using the Line Items feature (accessed via the '+ add items' button which appears when you tap in the total amount field) in order to itemise or list things in your invoice, then anything you subsequently write in the ‘description’ field will become an attached message/note in the email that is sent with your attached PDF invoice, completely separate to the actual invoice itself. It in this case it is often used to say 'hi' or 'thank you' to a client; or to give any additional info that is not required to be on the actual invoice itself.

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