If you have sent an invoice with any incorrect details and wish to edit it, whilst you cannot amend the original that has already been sent, we do have a workaround method which allows you to reissue a new one, with the exact same details and invoice number, to avoid any confusion. Just follow these steps:

  • First, contact your client to ask them to void the original, incorrect invoice that you’ve already sent.
  • Next, open up your Albert app and duplicate the invoice you sent, so it’s identical in every way (apart from the reference number, at this stage). You can duplicate an invoice by tapping on it (in either the ’To Do’ or ‘Done’ list of the home screen), then tapping on ‘More’ at the bottom right-hand corner and selecting the ‘Duplicate’ option.
  • Then, when the duplicated invoice appears, make the change you need to and save it as a draft by tapping ‘close’ at the top left-hand corner, and then ‘Save draft invoice’.
  • Now go back to the home screen and open the original invoice you sent and just used to duplicate - the incorrect one. Delete it by tapping on it, then tapping on ‘More’ at the bottom right-hand corner and selecting ‘Delete invoice’. This will free up the invoice reference number you used (as no two invoices can co-exist on the app with the same reference number). Be sure to also make a note of what the reference number is before deleting it, so you don’t forget.
  • Now re-open the draft invoice you just saved (the duplicated one) and amend the reference number to match the original. To do this, simply tap on the invoice reference number at the bottom left-hand corner, which will give you to option to edit.

  • Now your newly corrected invoice should be ready to be sent to your client, and will be identical to the original - apart from the correction you have made, of course. Simply tap ‘Send’ and you’re done!
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