When itemising your invoice, although it isn’t possible to select anything less than whole numbers when adjusting the unit amount with the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons;* there is in fact way around this. 

If, for instance, you are charging for your time (with an hourly/day rate), manually calculate your total cost for the time you’ve worked, and then specify your hourly rate or a breakdown of your calculation, either within the item description, like so:

Description: 60.5 hours x (hourly rate = £10.50) 

Total: £635.25

See examples below:


Specify it elsewhere on the invoice, such as within the additional ‘comments’ field (accessed via ‘More’ at the bottom right-hand corner of the invoice creation screen).

See example below:

Below are examples of how either method will look like in the final invoice. On the left: if it is included within the line item. On the right: if it is included within the additional 'comments' section. Choose whatever method you prefer or find more suitable.

*[Please note: the units column only reaches 99]

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