The VAT toggle button on the app is only for the standard 20%. So if that is the rate you use, then your VAT can be calculated and added to your total automatically.

However, if you are registered for an alternative amount, such as 5% for instance; then you will have to calculate this manually. All you need to do is calculate your total amount (already including the 5% VAT), and then simply mention it as an individual, separate line item. See example below:

Or else, you can also include it within the additional ‘comments’ field (accessed via ‘More’ at the bottom right-hand corner of the invoice creation screen). See example below:

Below are examples of what either method will look like in the final invoice. On the left: if you include it as a separate line item. On the right: if you simply mention it within the additional 'comments' section.

If you are calculating a CIS deduction and want to be able to show this, the best way to do it would be to include it as a separate line item. Here’s how:

  • Calculate your total labour and materials cost and add them in as separate line items.
  • Next, manually calculate what your VAT on those items would be, as well as what your CIS quantity deduction would be, and add it all as one, single line item. Like so:

VAT (@ 20%) = £60.00; CIS (@ 20% of Labour cost only) = £-40.00

Total: £20.00

Check out the example below, for reference.

Below is an example of what this particular CIS invoice would look like:

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