On occasions when you haven't yet received payment and/or the client has not received your sent invoice, if you want to resend the exact same invoice* (ie. also with the exact same invoice number), then here's how:

  • First, open up the invoice you already sent and duplicate it, so you know it's identical in every way. You can duplicate an invoice by tapping on it (in either the ’To Do’ or ‘Done’ list of the home screen), then tapping on ‘More’ at the bottom right-hand corner and selecting the ‘Duplicate’ option. 

  • Now save this newly duplicated invoice as a draft, by tapping ‘close’ at the top left-hand corner, and then ‘Save draft invoice’. Please note, that this newly duplicated invoice will still have a different invoice reference number at this point, as no two invoices can co-exist on the app with the same reference number. 

  • So the next step is to go and delete the original invoice you just duplicated from. To delete it, tap on the invoice, then tap on ‘More’ at the bottom right-hand corner and select ‘Delete invoice’. This will free up the invoice reference number so you can use it again. Be sure to also make a note of what the reference number is before deleting it, so you don’t forget!

  • Now re-open the draft invoice you just saved (the duplicated one) and amend the reference number to match the original. To do this, simply tap on the invoice reference number at the bottom left-hand corner, which will give you to option to edit. 

  • Your newly corrected invoice should now be ready to be sent to your client, and will be identical in every way to the original. Simply tap ‘Send’ and you’re done! Also be sure to ask your client to void the original one you sent, incase it turns up at a later stage.

*If you do not wish to go through all these steps, then don't forget there is always the easier option, to use the carbon copy email. This is the email you receive simultaneously to your own email address, every time you send a client an invoice - and it is identical to the original in every way. Therefore, if you can manage to locate it in your inbox, you can simply use it to forward on to your client, saving you the multiple steps listed above.

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