Before you begin to trouble shoot, you should know that 99% of login issues on Albert are due to an unstable internet connection. Therefore, if possible, we advise you to retry logging in on another internet connection that might be more stable.*

  • Step 1: Are you certain you've entered the correct PIN?

If YES - go to Step 2
If NO - go to Step 3

  • Step 2: Have you tried several PIN login attempts? (You could be locked out!)

If YES - go to Step 3.
If NO - go to Step 4.

  • Step 3: Have you tried resetting your PIN code?

If YES - go to Step 4.
If NO - reset your PIN and try again.

  • Step 4: Are you receiving an error message such as 'app config error' or something beginning with the word 'oops'?

If YES - then it's almost certainly to do with your internet connectivity. Check your connection, get it working and try again. Or try again later.
If NO - go to Step 5

  • Step 5: Have you checked your internet connection? (Please note, if you're using data roaming or an open wifi connection that does not require a direct authentication, then this an also cause login problems).

If YES - go to Step 6
If NO - Check your connection, get it working and try again. Or try again later.

  • Step 6: Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app?

If YES - contact support
If NO - uninstall and reinstall the app and try again** 

*Please note: even if the internet appears to be working, Albert's internet security protocols are in fact quite strict, so even the slightest timing in and out of your internet connection can prevent you from being able to log in. This is due to the fact that the app is handling a lot of peoples' very sensitive, financial data and wants to be sure that you are on a very stable connection before allowing you access to the app or your account, for security purposes.

**Please note, by uninstalling/reinstalling, any draft invoices you have saved will be lost. However everything else will be safe. The reason for this, is because draft invoices are saved to your phone, whereas everything else is saved and stored in the cloud. So be sure to make a note of any valuable information within the draft invoices before uninstalling, so you are able to recreate them once you have reinstalled the app. 

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