If you believe that you are not receiving your carbon copy emails* (this is the copy version of the email that is sent to your client whenever you send an invoice through the app, which is identical to the original in every way and is sent simultaneously to your own email address); or, that your client is not receiving your invoices, then your first point of call should be to check that particular invoice's timeline, as this will in fact tell you whether the invoice was delivered successfully or whether it bounced your client's inbox. To check an invoice's timeline:

  • Tap on the invoice (whether it's listed in your 'To Do' or 'Done' tab.
  • Tap on it's date, at the bottom-centre. This will reveal that particular invoice's timeline.

If the timeline says it has been sent and/or viewed, then it is likely to fall under either one of the following explanations for it not being in your recipient's email inbox:

  1. Most of the time the email will have been received, but it will have accidentally entered someone's spam folder. So be sure to double-check the spam folder before anything else.
  2. There can sometimes be a delay with email services, for a number and variety of reasons. Give it a little extra time and check again later, as it might just arrive late. If after several hours it still hasn't arrived, then contact support.

If the timeline says that it has not been successfully delivered, this is usually not an error occurring from the Albert end, but more likely one of the following:

  1. Your recipient's email service provider, might have blocked emails from our mail server's IP address. Basically, this can happen for a number of reasons including their mailbox being too full (over quota) or their email service's server being down or offline.
  2. The recipient's email address is invalid, meaning it either doesn't exist or is unknown.

*[Please note: emails are not always received in realtime, therefore it is important to note that there can sometimes be delays.]

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