Unfortunately, Albert is not yet available for Android devices or as a web/desktop application. A million apologies for this! 

We’ve decided to mainly focus on the iPhone version at the moment, so we can optimise the product as much as possible before expanding above and beyond. That doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about all you Android users, or those of you who prefer to work on a computer! We definitely do have plans to make the app Android and web-friendly in the future, so don’t be disheartened! We’re a relatively new app and a small team here at Albert, beavering away and using every minute possible to add in plenty of new, exciting features. Being such a small team, it would be impossible to fulfil everything we want if we were constantly supporting two systems at this early stage - so that is one of the primary reasons why we’ve limited it to just iOS devices, at least for time being. 

We do have a democratic user-voting system whereby we add votes for features that we receive, to our product roadmap. Apart from helping us to keep a record of the kind of demand certain features get; it also sometimes helps us make difficult decisions about which features to prioritise building before others. 

So if you’re an Android user and would like to add your vote for an Android or Web version of the app, just get in touch via support@getalbert.com to let us know, and we'll add your vote to the mix! That way, we can also keep you posted on any developments with it in the future!

Sorry again for any inconvenience, but we hope you understand. 😀👍

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