Whilst you are able to download Albert to your iPad, you should know in advance that it is not available as an iPad version of the app. Amongst other things, what this means is that it is not optimised to the iPad dimensions, just to the iPhone ones. So if you’re also confused as to why you’re unable to find it in the iPad section of the App Store, then this is why. Here’s a direct link for you to download it from, which should make it easier to find. 

Before you do though, here’s a couple of things you should be aware of: The first thing, is that unfortunately the logo feature is not available on iPads. A million apologies for the inconvenience of this! The second thing to note, is that our small, busy team of engineers do not and cannot provide tech support for iPads, meaning using the app on your iPad might not offer the best experience of Albert. Again, our sincerest apologies for this! Seeing as we’re a small team here at Albert, we’ve decided to mainly focus on supporting and optimising the iPhone version at the moment. However if you, like many of our users, already have the app downloaded to your iPhone and only wish to have another, additional touchpoint - then it can’t hurt to also download it on your iPad! Similarly, if you do not own an iPhone, but do in fact have an iPad - then using it on iPad will certainly still do the job! (Well, technically you still need to do the job yourself, Albert just helps you invoice for it 😉😄)

But either way, if you’re an avid iPad user and would like to add your vote for a specific iPad version of the app, just get in touch via support@getalbert.com to let us know, so we can add your vote to our product roadmap! That way, we can also keep you posted on any developments with it in the future, as we grow and expand!

Thanks for understanding and sorry again for any inconvenience! 👍

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