If you've managed to successfully send yourself a PIN reset email (note: to do this, tap on 'Support' in the bottom left-hand corner of the PIN-dial screen, and then tap 'Forgot my pincode'), meaning that once you pressed 'Reset pincode', you saw a dialog box which said 'Pin reset email sent', to which you pressed 'OK' - then the pin reset email should almost certainly be in your inbox. Reasons for it not having reached your inbox consist of:

  • You typed your email address incorrectly
  • It's actually sitting in your spam folder somewhere
  • There's a slight delay meaning it will eventually arrive (this is usually due to slow or overloaded servers along the way, or even down to your own email 'greylisting' the PIN reset email as spam, so it has to try again later and keep trying till it makes it through!)

However, if you were never even able to send the PIN reset email, meaning that when you tapped the 'Reset pincode' button, nothing happened - then this is down to an unstable internet connection.* In these cases, we advise you to retry sending yourself the PIN reset email, on another internet connection that might be more stable.

*[Please note: even if the internet appears to be working, Albert's internet security protocols are in fact quite strict, so even the slightest timing in and out of your internet connection can prevent the email from being sent. This is due to the fact that the app is handling a lot of peoples' very sensitive, financial data and wants to be sure that you are on a very stable connection before allowing you to reset your PIN, for security purposes.]

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