We take user feedback very seriously here at Albert, constantly looking to it to influence the way our app shapes up. We therefore would strongly encourage you to get in touch with our customer support if you ever have any ideas, suggestions or comments on how you think we can improve the product. Don’t be shy! We love hearing your constructive criticisms and ideas!

In order to give you all a little insight into how we take your feedback on board (and also, so you don’t think we’re just saying the usual customer support rhetoric to you!), here’s a short explanation of how our feedback process works: Whenever a user gets in touch with a feature request or indeed any feedback point, we immediately log it into a tracking system that we use, with a time and date stamp on it. We sometimes even include the person’s email address, if they have specified that they are alright with being contacted for more feedback about that feature, in the future! Similar requests get logged into similar categories, which allows us to easily tally them up in order to measure and keep track of the overall demand we might be receiving for a particular thing, over a certain period of time. In turn, this allows us to adapt and edit our product roadmap accordingly. This means our product roadmap is always flexible and most importantly, responsive to our audience.

We’re a very small team here at Albert, working hard and using every minute possible to improve and expand the product. There’s a million and one things we’d love to add in, and we’ve got tons of exciting plans for the product’s future - we just can’t get it all done at once! That doesn’t mean we won’t, though! So please never be disheartened when we tell you we’ve added your feedback to our product roadmap, because as you can see, every little bit of feedback counts! 👍😀

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