Want to get rid of the Albert logo on your invoices? Or you want that Sky Blue colour for your invoice design, but not sure you want to pay for it?

What if I told you, you - and a freelancing friend - can access the Albert Pro Bookkeeper version of the App for free for at least 3 months 🆓 😎? 

In order to do so, just follow these 3 steps: 

  1. Let a friend know about Albert 💬
  2. Tell them to add your email in referral code page in the sign up.
  3. Voila! Say bye-bye to the Albert logo and hello to those new fancy colours!

Got more than 1 friend who could be interested in the app? Make sure they add your email address too, and we'll top up your account with 3 additional months!

Happy Invoicing 😀😀😀!

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