To make submitting your tax or monthly reporting super easy, Albert lets you share your files (invoices, expenses and transactions) in one simple tap. Being an industry first, it’s one button that collects your files, generates an overview report and shares them with yourself or your accountant.


  1. Albert can share your files and invoice+expense report to your own inbox or for example your accountant's inbox.
  2. When you share your files, Albert creates a unique, personal folder in Dropbox where it saves all your PDF files and images, neatly organised.
  3. Albert will also create an overview report - in the so-called CSV format - that can be used to import your data into accounting or any other software.
  4. Both the report and a link to a folder containing the invoice and expense files will be sent in an email to your chosen recipient. A duplicate copy will be sent to your own designated inbox.

the email you or your accountant will receive

The sharing feature has the same security level compared to sending your files with a normal email programme. Only people who have the sharing link sent in the email will be able to view your invoices, expenses and report. Nobody will be able to edit your files, and invoices/expenses sent/uploaded after the date of sharing will not be included until you share again. Only you can share your files because it can only be done from your pincode protected Albert account.

Yep. Like many people, our own team of freelancers is on the move all the time. We wanted to make it really simple to share your files at any moment wherever you are. So, here you go :-).


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