Here’s what you can do with Auto-Saving Draft Invoices:                    

  • Time-tracking. Keeping precise and accurate track of your hours as you go. Essentially, use it as a timesheet.
  • Project management. Note down your jobs, expenses and all other items to be sent to your client at the end of a given project. Kiss goodbye to accidental omissions or unsaved job details. Say hello to thorough invoices.       
  • Prepare well. Create a draft invoice before a job, so it’s ready to be sent straight after. Waste no time faffing around.
  • Note-taking. Make a quick note of something, if/when needed. Don’t forget that quick job you squeezed in, or that rushed expense you had to complete last minute.
  • Use time snappily. Finalise and send your invoices when and where you’re ready. You don’t have to use your day off - send it whilst you wait at the dentist, or even en route to the pub!

Here’s how it works:

  • Start by creating a new invoice, as usual
  • Add the information you want to it
  • Close it and select ‘save’ on your way out
  • Access this new draft, as usual, in your ‘To-Do’ list
  • Open this draft and add to it at any time - it will save automatically
  • Whenever you want or are ready to send it - just open and send as normal
  • Enjoy saving as many drafts as you want - it’s unlimited!
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